My Wife Loves Taking Sex Pics

I am married to a woman who is hot and sexy. Of course that means she loves taking pictures of herself. But, she is not content on having her photos taken unless she is naked. Or when we are having sex. The truth is that my wife loves taking sex pics and sharing them with others. I knew this about her before I married her though. To be honest, it was one of the things that attracted me to her.
My wife is not afraid of her amazing body. Nor is she afraid of her sexuality. She enjoys having sex in front of the camera. Every time we have sex, she wants me to record it. We have made hundreds of amateur porn GIFS of ourselves having sex. We have taken these animated porn GIF images and shared them online for others to see. Some may think that I am crazy for letting my wife show off her amazing tits online. Or about her showing shaved pussy. No matter what sex pics or porn GIFS images are out there of my wife, I am proud of them. To be honest, I am turned on by the fact that thousands of men and women will jerk off to the sex pics and porn GIFS images of my hot wife.
She has become an amateur sex pic queen now. There is no stopping her, even if I could. We visit other amateur porn sites in search of amateur sex pics, videos or porn GIFS which show people like us. Perhaps we may meet another couple willing to have an orgy with us. I still have to think about that one though. No matter what happens, I just want my wife to be happy. And since she loves taking sex pics that is what I will keep doing.

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