Sex Pics & Porn Categories You Won’t Believe Exist

Most people understand that the internet has a vast amount of crazy shit. The type of content and images you can find online is enough to shock a large amount of normal folks. However, that does not mean that there aren’t those who read or view these crazy, shocking and unbelievable things. The same can be said about pornography.

When it comes to sex pics, videos and porn GIFS, there are tons of categories users can choose from. Genres or topics such as MILF, ebony, Asian, anal, big-black-cock or lesbian are popular and normal. But, there are also some sex pics and porn categories online you won’t believe exist. A lot of the data from these sites is provided by the 75th most popular website in the world which is PornHub. The adult site has more page views than HBO, The New York Times and the Weather Channel combined. Last year, PornHub released their user data to the public. This was done in order to show the world what porn viewers were looking at. The top ten categories in porn did not contain anything that was too shocking. Well, perhaps the step mom, mom and step sister categories. There was also the teen categories which made it to the top ten most searched for topics in porn. Still, in the world of porn, there are no holds barred. If you might be a bit offended by those categories, then you will be shocked at some of these. Although these categories were no were near in search volume as those in the top ten, they were still popular enough to make it to the list.

People who view porn are very familiar with Hentai or anime material. But this is not what users were searching for when they ventured into the Pornhub site looking for cartoon porn. These viewers were looking for sex pics, porn GIFS images and videos of cartoons. There are cartoon porn of several popular Disney characters. You can see Cinderella getting fucked and Aladdin banging girls. Users also wanted to see Jessica Rabbit, Spiderman and the Simpson’s getting it on.

Veggies Porn
So there are people out there who are willing to have sex with vegetables and those that want to watch them do it. The Veggies porn category is one that lets users see girls get fucked with or by carrots, cucumbers and other veggies. Some girls are not content on using regular dildos. Instead, they want to get off and get their veggie intake as well.


It appears as a great deal of sex pics and porn GIF images searchers like their Mary’s bloody. The menstruation genre gets a lot of views from people who want to see girls with their periods get pummeled. They say that women tend to get real horny during that time of the month which may explain why so many want to get cocked while they have their period. And why such a large amount of users want to view the sex pics and porn GIFS of them doing it.